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The ESVA GOP is a political action group dedicated to providing residents of Virginia's Eastern Shore with the engaging debate and viewpoints we need to make our vote count on election day.

By presenting the Conservative point of view so often lost in the main-stream media, we have provided a forum for voters to hear our ideas and decide for themselves who would best reflect their point of view at all levels of government.

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Let the Debate Begin

The Eastern Shore GOP was the only organization on the Eastern Shore in the 2010 Congressional election to host a debate attended by all of the candidates running for the 2nd Congressional District.

The people of the Eastern Shore can sometimes feel "forgotten" in an election but the ESVA GOP exists to give the voters of our beautiful Eastern Shore a voice in our government.

Join the ESVA GOP and help make your voice heard in the County, State and Federal government.

We Support Va. Attorney General Cuccinelli

The ESVA GOP hosted a special fundraiser for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for Governor!  Photo's are posted here>>> 

The ESVAGOP supports Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli for Governor 2013.

"Ken Cuccinelli was sworn in as Virginia's Attorney General on January 16, 2010.

As Attorney General, he has become best known for his efforts to preserve liberty and defend the US Constitution.

Prior to assuming this role, he was a leading conservative member of the Virginia Senate from 2002 until 2010. His experience as a small business owner and an attorney had uniquely prepared him for his role in the General Assembly where he served on the Courts of Justice Committee, Transportation Committee, Local Government Committee, Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee, and the Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee.

As a state senator, Ken led the fight to defend constitutional rights, stop tax increases, protect life and families, and keep Virginia a low-regulation and pro-free market state.

From 2005 up to the present day, Ken has worked tirelessly to pass meaningful eminent domain laws that now prevent local and state governments from taking private homes and businesses for developers' projects instead of for true public uses. Ken is also excited to be supporting the 2012 ballot measure that he hopes will finally add meaningful property rights protections to Virginia's state constitution. Ken also had a strong record of supporting our police officers as they protect our communities. He passed legislation that stopped local governments from unfairly exploiting our law enforcement officers' overtime work."  To visit the campaign website click here.

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